Reverse to help you English whenever “like you” is claimed so you can nearly a relative or friend

Reverse to help you English whenever “like you” is claimed so you can nearly a relative or friend

You are sure that, governmental conferences in Norways is merely a bunch of some one attained to gamble pokemon and you can candycruch – laidback.

“They know that they have been really, extremely fortunate to not have already been created for the Sweden.” Yeah, I am out-of Sweden and you can I am going to go on to Norway… I am therefore delighted I was produced inside Sweden. The life fundamental in the Norway is so low compared to Sweden and you can mathematically Sweden continues to be a far greater country. Norway however feels as though a third-world nation in some aspects. But then, he’s got more cash so that they can most likely correct it right up.

What i like concerning the Norwegian vocabulary ‘s the difference between fascination with relatives and buddies (grateful we deg) and for your partner (elsker deg)

  • Silvia says

Hahah I hope it had been obvious you to definitely that has been a joke… Best wishes for the move regardless of if! I am curious exactly why you chose to flow here if you feel it is so rather more serious than simply Sweden.

Norwegians never be concerned? Some body tell my dad-in-laws! He’s constantly stressed about precisely how hectic he’s, although the only reason he is quick punctually is really because he could be telling some body how busy they are, as well as how much it is worrying him out… Y’know, in lieu of in fact creating their work ??

Sucking in to possess “Yes” is actually an effective Swedish material, and you may my Norwegian family members cannot get that We provided a response, and simply repeat what they only said.

Hei! Stereotypes from not – they all are rather i’m all over this! I am Norwegian hence Blogs Means Myself! ?? We do in fact inhale when we state “yes” of several metropolitan areas – in particular north regarding Dovrefjell – therefore we commonly create an excellent tsk-ing noise as soon as we say “no”. It’s *not* a specially Swedish material, due to the fact some body told you a lot more than! And you will, we – just like the some body – commonly eg wealthy. A bit better off than just some one a number of other places because of common health care and you will the very least wage you could flourish towards, however, few folks are *wealthy*. Our company is wealthy just like the a country, since the a country, just like the a people. The oils cash is *ours*, and not liner new purse regarding business passes as well as common in other countries which have character resources. It thinking is mirrored in our versatility-to-wander regulations. Re.#17 about our detected cheeriness? That’s a beneficial peculiarity within our code one to (afaik) doesn’t exist various other dialects. We “increase” within the tone at the end of an announcement whether or not everything we state are positive or bad. We state “I’m very disheartened!” with similar up ending in the tone since once we state “I am thus happy!” The brand new Swedes (constantly such Swedes. ) explore a good down tone when they total bad statements and you may a keen up tone once they utter confident of those. – Tune in towards difference next time you may have Swedes going to! XD Sophisticated site!

Renders getting another person’s mate most special. Btw: I enjoy Norway! Existed truth be told there for nearly 24 months, way up north ??

The things i love concerning the Norwegian code is the difference between love for friends (glad i deg) as well as him/her (elsker deg)

  • Raffen says

While the a Norwegian I have usually got complications with one… I am able to give my mom, dad, one part of my children otherwise family unit members “Jeg er glad i deg” google convert would say it indicates “Everyone loves your” but that’s not really what this means, it indicates “We take care of you a lot” otherwise “you indicate a lot to me” if i change it physically they says something such as “I’m attracted to you”… nevertheless mode “I enjoy you” without needing new L keyword” Similar to during the Language in which it is said “te quiero” they usually means that “I enjoy you” in english, but in fact it claims “We care for you” From inside the Norway “Jeg elsker deg” which means in fact it is interpreted so you’re able to “Everyone loves your” are arranged to own boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. “Jeg emergency room grateful i deg” was a common term utilized contained in this family unit members, and it is exactly as powerfull because stating I like your. However in Norway, the phrase “elsker” =”love” was arranged for usage Japanese orderbrud ranging from two people whom can get exhange bodily fluids. As i head to any element of my children, when i have to leave, I am able to constantly offer for every an embrace and you will state “Happy i deg”… they results in “I take care of your” and it is named an “I love your” without any close connotations ??




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